We sell and support Lenovo Business Computers and Servers, specifically Thinkpad laptops and notebooks and ThinkServer servers.  We purchase through authorized distributors and we include a minimum three-year Next Business Day Onsite Warranty.  Our distributors also provide a variety of peripherals such as displays, printers, network attaches storage (NAS) drives, and much more.  While you can go to Amazon for many of these items, you won’t enjoy the extended warranties and support you’ll get through purchasing from us.

We also sell unbranded computers from a local partner for clients who prefer a custom-built PC for specialized uses and to obtain swift local manufacturer support.  Parts are standard and easy to obtain and our partner is available seven days a week for emergency repairs.  We also work together to do forensic data recovery on failed drives.  Our rates are very competitive with nationally known services.

We use Calyptix AccessEnforcer security firewall appliances which are automatically updated with revised software as new threats arrive and improvements are made.  Too many firms buy a firewall and after the first year, let their maintenance subscription expire.  Then their firewall becomes more exposed and less secure as new vulnerabilities and exploits are found.  That doesn’t happen with Calyptix firewalls.