Stephill Associates offers several Cloud backup services with free 30 day trials. We centrally monitor backup status for all services and provide technical support and installation.  Of course, we perform restores and assist you with more complex recoveries of entire computer systems.

We partner with eFolder for Replibit Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) software and appliances, and for their Cloud backup software that is HIPAA compliant.  eFolder Cloud Backup is the only Cloud Backup service that lets a client destroy backups.  This sounds counter-intuitive, but some businesses are required to destroy project files and backups when a project is completed. eFolder also has a unique interface for easily recovering previous versions of files and folders.

Our recommended Cloud Backup solution that we centrally manage is MaxBackup from SolarWinds.  It includes local file/folder and stand-by image backup to a local destination, encompassing layered backup methodology in one inexpensive solution.