Your computers are like any other complex device; they need periodic maintenance, upgrades, updates, and support to maintain peak performance.  We use a variety of automated tools to monitor PCs, laptops, and servers, apply updates on a desired schedule, and detect operation out of accepted best practice thresholds.  We include advanced anti-malware software to ensure your computers are protected from the latest threats.

These measures are called Managed Services.

We offer just two simple managed services plans, Remote Care and Remote Care Plus. 

Remote Care provides the automated monitoring, maintenance, and anti-malware software.  Labor is not included.  This plan works for businesses that prefer support services provided on an ad-hoc hourly or project basis.

Remote Care Plus is our comprehensive and customized service plan.  It includes Remote Care, and adds;

  • Several labor hours per month which can be used for support and for project work. Most firms limit contracts to existing infrastructure.  We don’t!
  • The included labor helps level out your IT budget, while encouraging you to invest in your systems.
  • Advanced security appliance to protect your network. Our firewalls include remote access features to let your users access their office PCs while traveling and from home. They can also track Internet usage and provide anti-spam protection if you have your own e-mail server.
  • Backup systems with local and Cloud backup and testing/verification that backups will work should they ever be needed.
  • Optional Hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mailboxes or Microsoft Office 365 plans.
  • Discounted hourly labor rates

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.