We can troubleshoot many systems problems remotely over the Internet.  These capabilities let us respond to client matters in a quarter of the time it would take to do an onsite visit.  We access your computer over the Internet as if we were sitting in front of it.  It is not anonymous, so you know we are connected, and we only connect with your approval.  Remote capabilities let us work on your computers after hours, and in urgent situations, allows us to respond immediately from anywhere.  Of course, when warranted, we go onsite for project implementation and to address systems failures where we can’t access a system remotely.

If a client is on our Remote Care Plus services plan, we include the remote control capability for you and your employees with Teamviewer software.  Our advanced firewall security appliances include an easy to deploy secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) for connecting remote computers to your office over the Internet.

One client commented, “It’s nice to know you are there when you really aren’t!”